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Thai Massage

What Is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage medical therapy is one of the four disciplines of traditional Thai medicine, the others being herbalism, meditation, and dietary control.

Thai Massage works by treating your body as a whole, not just what appear to be your symptoms. It works on the principle of maintaining the condition and the flow of the bodies' vital energy through a network of channels known as Sen. Thumb pressure is applied to the Sen (meridian lines), to break down blockages. This frees up space within the body whilst stimulating the flow of energy and reinstating general well being. Thai Massage works muscles and skeletal structure along with the bodies internal energy system, to release tension and allow your energy to flow freely.


Used as part of a well being programme there are many benefits. It can change your life in ways you never thought possible.  It works on both the emotional and physical levels.


In the Short Term Thai Massage will

In the Long Term Thai Massage will

Psychological Benefits:

In the Short Term Thai Massage will

In the Long Term Thai Massage will

Embody Guide to Thai Massage



Thai Massage is traditionally carried out on the floor (as opposed to a massage couch) and you remain fully clothed. The treatment is quite physical and is applied by using rhythmic yogic movements as well as acupressure. This is applied by using various techniques including thumb pressure, and hand, feet, and elbow compressions to release tension. It also doubles as a sports massage therapy, as it can be very deep, while manipulating the muscles (in the East it is often used in conjunction with the Martial Arts).

Medical Hot Herbal Compress

This is a much deeper massage treatment that is very beneficial. It is performed using herbal balls, which contain 32 different Thai herbs. The herbal compresses are steam heated and then applied to the body. An excellent treatment for muscle tension aches and pains.

Thai Foot Massage

This is a wonderful and relaxing therapy for both the feet and legs that is approximately 2000 years old in its origin. It is unique to Thailand and it has many aspects of the Thai Massage incorporated. This therapy works from the feet, up the legs to the knees, and is very relaxing.

You don't have to wait until you are ill to have a Thai Massage. Having one treatment is wonderful, but it's not a quick fix. It has an accumulative effect, so the more you have the less you need. Thai Massage medical therapy is about allowing you to take responsibility for your own health. It can take anything from I to 3 hours per session depending on individual need.

Thai Massage (medical) Therapy has been used in Thailand for the past 2,500 years but it is only in recent years that it is slowly becoming known in the west.  It works by treating the body as a whole, not just what appears to be the symptom.


The founder was a physician from Northern India, a contemporary of the Buddha, Dr Shivago Komarpaj. He is mentioned in text, held by Buddhist monks dating back to the second millennia B.C and is thought to be the father of eastern medicine. He is fondly known as the Father Doctor and is still held in high esteem today for his contributions to the healing arts. In his massage the Father Doctor combined yogic stretching principles from India and the fundamentals of acupressure from Chinese medicine. Thai Medical Therapy is a system unique to Thailand.

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