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The Gaia Centre for Holistic Therapy,

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Tel: 01509 551513


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Welcome About Information Enquiries

Sorry I haven't had a chance to email sooner... Thank you for helping me organise the massage for ...! She said it was wonderful and she felt much better afterwards.



Dear Kirsty,

Just wanted to put in writing my thanks for your expert massage last night. As predicted I do feel stiff this morning but so much better than before you 'got your hands on me!' My referrals have already begun! Looking forward to meeting you again soon...


Hi Tanya,

Thanks again for this morning's massage - it was brilliant. Regarding the course, if you could let me know dates, times and costs when you have them I will check the diary and see if one or both of us can come.

All the best,


The massage today was fantastic. I have checked and L....... currently has no commitments on her birthday. So, could I please book her a similar relaxing massage for about ... on Tue please?