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Stone Therapy

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The Benefits

Use of hot stones can alleviate the discomfort of fatigued and aching muscles. Besides this, proponents of hot stone therapy contend that using a warm stones Detoxification routine can tremendously improve blood circulation and the exchange of lymph in the body. It is also claimed that this healing technique can relax the nervous system, loosen tight joints, and release energy in the body that has been blocked, thus aiding the body to function more efficiently.

Given all these advantages, it’s not surprising that this therapy is seen as perfect for people very sensitive to heavy pressure. Stone therapy is considered a good technique for people afflicted by fibromyalgia, and with the relief the stones can offer for sore, tired muscles, it’s great for exercise and sports enthusiasts, with routines available for such problems as Tennis Elbow, knee pain, and shoulder problems. It may also relieve the symptoms of PMS.

In summary, there are many benefits to be gained through healing stone therapy. To recap, here are a few:

The Basics

This therapeutic method is also referred to as “la stone” or ‘heated stone’ therapy. It is claimed that it creates a unique connection between people and nature, perhaps because the process includes the use of basalt stones of different shapes and forms that have been heated in water. They aid in healing different kinds of imperfections in the body.


As a precursor to a massage treatment, the stones are placed on areas of the body, to warm the tissues, before the massage therapist administers a deep massage.

By the reckoning of some experts, the stones’ heat produces powerful and dramatic results when they are placed on certain key areas of the body (Chakra lines/points, and acupuncture meridians among them).

The strategic placement of the heated stones on your body dilates your blood vessels and gets blood and oxygen flowing into tense areas. It can feel like a body ‘rush’. The soothing heat can also prepare your body for deep-tissue work. However, they can be used as a healing treatment in their own right, by applying the massage techniques through the stones.

Healing Stone Therapy

n recent years, using stones in healing therapy has become widely accepted as a great addition to the world of HolisticTherapy. It's present in the industry for a good reason. This form of therapy has come to be considered a highly effective way to complement the more traditional massage practices, like Lomilomi.

The Beginnings of Stone Therapy

Despite what many people believe, the concept of hot stone massage did not originate in the Arizona desert, or as part of a saint's vision, as some therapists claim. In fact, the origins of this therapy go back 5000 years.It was developed in ancient India within the therapeutic traditions of Ayurveda. The techniques travelled and spread across to the Pacific Islands with explorers and settlers, eventually reaching Hawaii, from where the current tradition emanates. Research indicates that this kind of therapy saw its origin in the rocks that healers collected from riverbeds.

They would warm them using hot water or coals and then treat bodily discomfort with them. Through these ancient methods, today's hot stone massage entered the practice of healing.

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