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Lomilomi Lole - Clothed Massage

For those who are in need of a quick remedial massage. Attention is given to specific areas of concern, incorporating; stretches and joint mobilisation, which ease pain, tension and restricted motion.

Lomilomi can be invigorating or calming depending on the requirements. A feeling of well – being is had by all who receive Lomilomi.

Embody Guide to Lomilomi Massage

Gaia Lomilomi Massage Practitioners:

Lomi Kupanaha (Hot Towels)

Repeated application of hot steam towels are applied prior the massage. This will deeply prime a problem area of concern, ease stiffness quickly and therefore get to the core of your tension efficiently.

Lomilomi with hot stones - Lomilomi ili’ ili’.

Hot stones are gently smoothed onto the skin using numerous suitable Lomi Lomi strokes, reflecting the techniques that ancient Hawaiians have developed over many generations. This treatment is an exquisite method of deep relaxation; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The Art of Hawaiian Massage

Aloha – ‘in the presence of the Divine breath’

In  Hawaii  where the therapy derives, Lomi Lomi massage is taught as an art. Lomilomi treatment is now popular in many countries around the world; however, it is still relatively new to the U.K.

What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of relaxative and healing massage derived from the Pacific Islands specifically Hawaii.  Also known as the "Dance of Massage", it is a form that has been handed down from family to family over generations of islanders.Its techniques differ from western massage through the application of forearm movements and stretch techniques. Literally translated Lomilomi means 'to rub'.

During a Lomi Lomi massage, warmed oils are applied with long forearm strokes going as deep as the recipient can tolerate. This full body massage  incorporates rocking, stretching and shaking of the limbs. Realigment of the muscles, bones, and soft tissue ensures a complete remedial massage. To further enhance the lomilomi treatment, hot basalt stones or hot towels (see below) may be used upon prior request. The heat penetrates to the core of the muscles, softening the tissue, allowing the therapist to sensitively increase the pressure where needed.

Lomilomi massage goes as deep as the recipient can tolerate, so it can be very powerful. Hawaiians believe that negative energy can cause blockages in your ‘mana’ (life force or spiritual power). These blockages can become trapped in joints, so various stretches and rotations are performed during the massage to ‘release’ these negative energies. Lomilomi massage is fluid, rhythmical, communicative and nurturing, which evokes trust with the patient. Lomilomi has survived over time by being practiced by Kahunas (Hawaiian healers/doctors).  The techniques have been passed from one Ohana (family) to the next. The healing benefits of this treatment have become popular with the modern generation.

What are the benefits?

Lomilomi massage increases circulation and lymphatic drainage ridding the body of toxins. Transverse strokes and stretches relax tight, tense muscles. Deep tissue work breaks-up muscular adhesions, which cause restricted motion. For the nervous system it can reduce pain and nervous tension. Stretches and rotations improve the elasticity of tendons and increases mobility. Realignment of muscles, bones and tissue ensures a complete therapeutic treatment. It is beneficial for a number of conditions: restricted movement, sport injury, work related tension, stress, dull aches and pain, arthritis, depression and insomnia.

Lomilomi is complimentary to all who receive it.


Lomilomi Massage

Using beautiful Hawaiian oils, suitable combinations of techniques are applied according to your personal needs, including traditional palm and forearm strokes, compressions, stretches, joint mobilisation and long soothing movements.

Note: Healing Stone Therapy is available as a separate treatment (click here).

Hot Towels

For more information download or request our FREE eBook "Lomilomi The Dance of Massage"