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Not so long ago our young grand-daughter was asked if she knew what job we did. Her answer…

“You fix people!”

And you know, she’s right. Other people fix washing machines, or cars,  televisions, or …


…we fix people.

And that’s what this web site, and the Gaia centre is all about, fixing people. Our ethos is to provide access to a variety of complementary/holistic therapy treatments and advice that will ‘fix’ you or help you ‘fix’ yourself. But we are not just about ‘fixing’. Once you’re ‘fixed’ we hope, whatever the treatment you chose, that we can assist you to maintain your new condition.



Gaia Therapies


Gaia Therapists

On this site you will find details of the practitioners who operate out of the Gaia Centre, together with information about the treatments they offer. We also include a page for local therapists who practice in the Charnwood district and Loughborough area, to list their services.

Gaia operates a service that covers Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, and the northern East Midlands region.

So if you are looking for a place that assists you to optimise your health, recuperate from injury or illness, explore different methods of relaxation, reduce your stress levels, or just generally improve your well being, then the Gaia centre and site may just be the place for you to find a solution to 'getting fixed'. 

Good health involves approaching wellness from many different angles. Optimal physical and mental health and ultimately spiritual growth can only truly be gained from a holistic (complete) approach. The areas you need to address during this adventure we call 'Life' are not limited to your body but also to your energy systems, your spirit, your mind (conscious and subconscious), and your emotions.

It is still often overlooked, but a holistic approach to health is absolutely essential to your physical health and well being. No matter how devoted you are to a proper diet and active lifestyle, you will not achieve your body's ideal healing and preventative capability if you neglect other aspects such as mental spiritual and emotional healing.

That is the approach we are adopting at

Gaia Holistics


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freedom from pain...

stress managed...

tight muscles eased...

improved alertness...

better health...

freer movement...

breathing improved...

So welcome to GAIA

the web site of the GAIA Centre For Holistic Therapy.