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Indian Head Massage

What Is Indian Head Massage?

As the name implies, Indian Head massage originated in India, where it has been an old family practice for over 4,000 years. Although based on a traditional Ayurvedic technique or Indian form of Champi (head massage), it now includes massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, and ears. Incidentally,  the origin of our word ‘shampoo’ is the Hindi word 'champi'. Being 'champi-ed' meant having your head massaged. This form of therapy started out as a way of keeping your hair in tip-top condition

Originally, this form of massage of the head and hair was popular amongst Indian women, for improving the condition of the scalp and hair. Modern forms of the treatment, involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face, now include the use of shiatsu and acupressure techniques. A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation, and restore joint movement.

Indian Head Massage is an extremely effective, non-invasive style of massage, without the need for you to undress. The Massage may be applied with or without oils, so you do not need to remove your clothing. Nevertheless, we advise you that a cotton top or T-shirt is probably the most comfortable thing for you to be wearing. Additionally, if you request oils, you may prefer to remove your top to prevent any oil staining.

This therapy focuses on the region that extends from your skull, down your neck, to the top of your spine. It manipulates the soft tissues and muscles of your head and the skull, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, and surrounding membranes. The therapist uses a light touch increase blood flow and restore cerebrospinal fluid movement. This can help treat such conditions as headaches, eye and ear problems, as well as whiplash and back pain. It can also be very relaxing.


Indian Head Massage offers benefits in a wide range of stress related conditions, as well as making you feel good. It is a relaxing, stress-busting therapy that works on the muscular tissues to relax or stimulate your body and help it maintain harmony. It relieves muscular tension, stretches and mobilises the tissues of the head, face, neck and shoulders, and can provide relief for mental as well as physical stress. Among the many benefits are:

The treatments include the use of special oils, which are also beneficial to hair growth. IHM has long been used to aid the condition and health of the hair, particularly when combined with the use of these natural organic oils. Through localised blood and lymphatic circulation (also boosting the immune system) it helps deal with scalp and hair problems.

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Gaia Indian Head Massage  Practitioners:

Alev Elliott

Kirsty Milne