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What Should I Wear for My Complementary Treatment Session?

The simple answer is - whatever makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. For some of our therapies it is unnecessary to disrobe so whatever street clothing you wish to wear is entirely satisfactory. Even certain manipulative techniques can be carried out fully clothed.  For other treatments where you may be exerting yourself mildly e.g. Pilates, Yoga etc, suitable exercise clothing may be more appropriate.

For most of the massage therapies your therapist will ask you to undress to whatever is comfortable for you. They usually leave the room whilst you do this. They will ask you to get onto the plinth face up or face down and then cover yourself with the sheet/ towel provided.

Nevertheless, what is comfortable for you may not be what is comfortable to other people so here are some simple guide lines.

For Women: a bra and underwear/loose shorts. If you do not feel comfortable taking your bra off, then you can just unhook it from your sides and unhook the back and that way it is still on your chest. A back fastening bra is best - sports bras, front fastening bras and tube tops can be more difficult for the therapist.

For Men: underwear or loose shorts.

For both: Please do NOT wear LONG LYCRA CYCLING or GYM SHORTS

The key is to make sure that you are undressed for your comfort; please do be aware that for the massage therapist to get to the parts of your body that you may need to be worked on, they need to position you in a way that makes it comfortable and effective. Although we stated above that massage through clothing is possible - for some techniques it dramatically reduces the effectiveness and can be uncomfortable.

Whilst the massage is taking place, you will always be between the two sheets, and no part of your body will be uncovered unless it is being worked on (this also helps keep you warm). For instance If your left leg is being worked on, only your left leg is uncovered. The rest of your body, including you right leg, will be covered . You will be asked to move or turn over during the massage -the therapist should also ensure that you are fully covered whilst moving or turning over.

Your therapist should also ask if there is any region of the body that you where are not comfortable having touched uncomfortable either with the strength of the pressure or where you are being touched. You are always in control.


What should I Wear when I attend a treatment?

A selection of shorts and underwear

which allow massage therapists

to work easily and effectively.