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Bowen Healing

The Bowen technique is a very gentle, non-invasive holistic therapy that is becoming very popular for its fast, effective and long lasting results.

Gentle rolling movements ("Bowen moves") are applied over muscle, ligaments and tendons in specific areas of the body to restore and promote its self-healing abilities, embracing the person´s both physical and emotional aspects.

Symptoms are not treated in isolation but addressed holistically, and clients report how multiple/complex conditions improve or resolve at the same time, as Bowen works on the body as a whole. This holistic approach is achieved though Bowen’s effect on the body´s fascial system.

Fascia is the web of functional connective tissue that wraps muscles, organs and every structure and cell in the body. The fascia responds to emotional and physical stress, injury and strain through tightening, shortening and thickening, creating restriction, misalignment, and postural habits that lead to pain and discomfort, and might affect the performance of the body as a whole. By releasing blockages in the fascia, Bowen can initiate profound changes within, whether you are looking for pain relief, to recover from an injury, deal with stress, improve a specific illness or maintaining optimum health.

It can be effective with almost any problem no matter how long you have suffered with it. In cases in which conventional approaches or other natural therapies have been unsuccessful, people have found relief and/or progress with the Bowen technique.

It is suitable and safe for anyone, from newborn babies to the elderly and it is known to effectively help with a wide range of symptoms and issues such as:


Working from deep love, care and compassion, my job as healer is to support you through

difficult and challenging times, whether your discomfort is of physical, emotional or spiritual


Healing is a natural process in which the healer facilitates the channeling and transfer of Energy

(Universal Energy, Qi, Prana) into you to create harmony and balance in your life (this might manifest as the resolution of an illness or physical problem, insight into current and past emotional issues, developing the strength and confidence to make positive changes in your life, an attitude shift, the release of stuck patterns of behaviour.).

Healing is natural, safe and effective; it addresses you as a being and works by reconnecting you

to the source of your existence, the divine intelligence behind all of creation. This intelligent energy, the core of your essence, will clear blockages (which take the form of disease, emotional issues and spiritual longing) in your system so it can flow through you with ease, empowering you in the process. Healing means realignment with your true self, which creates the conditions for health and happiness.

The values, lifestyle and narrow attitude to health promoted in our society do not acknowledge, nor serve, our deep needs and transcendental nature. Through our lives we become increasingly disconnected from our bodies and hearts, creating the seeds for emotional and physical suffering, without a clue of how to put things right.  

Healing is as relevant as ever as a sound means to restore health, wholeness and authenticity in your life, and it can be safely used alongside conventional medicine. It can help with the following:


Pain relief and increased energy levels

Boosted immune system and self-healing abilities

Quicker recovery from injury, illness and surgery

Better coping with physical or emotional trauma

Improved wellbeing and quality of life

Personal growth and empowerment

Restores balance and perspective in life

May help release and ease emotional issues

Increased feeling of inner peace, serenity, happiness, emotional balance

Increased self-confidence and positivity, ability to move on, may provide

The thrust to make important decisions and changes in your life

Reconnection with intuition and inner wisdom

Serendipity and synchronicity events, new opportunities, opening of a new Life path.

Gaia Bowen Practitioners:

Tamara Diaz Garcia - Further details click here

Caroline Hathaway MBAcC -  Further details click here